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BuyBoard is a local government purchasing cooperative that gives members the benefit of locating qualified vendors to perform services at group discounted rates for both material and service.

With BuyBoard, GFC can expedite the procurement process. GFC is a member of BuyBoard and has worked with school districts throughout the state of Texas completing jobs of all sizes for over 15 years. Our expertise is in Owner Occupied Spaces and schools are no different. Our team of qualified professionals can move furnishings and library shelving and replace once the flooring has been installed with minimal to no disruption.

GFC holds a BuyBoard® contract and supports other BuyBoard contract manufacturers.

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GFC can provide a proposal using a number of manufacturers on the TXMAS/TX Smart Buy schedule. Click on the links below to access our dealer contracts and online catalogues/order processing.

Floor Coverings

Shaw Industries, Inc. – TXMAS-13-72020 – TX Smart Buy

Interface Americas, Inc. – TXMAS-13-72030 – TX Smart Buy

Mohawk Carpet Distribution Inc. – TXMAS-13-72050 – TX Smart Buy

Commercial Carpets of America – TXMAS-15-7201 – TX Smart Buy

Tandus Centiva US LLC – TXMAS-5-721A060 – TX Smart Buy

Patterned Carpet Tile, Broadloom & Entryway Flooring

Commercial Marketing Associates, Inc. – TXMAS-4-721A040 – TX Smart Buy


Trendway Corporation – TXMAS-3-7110440 – TX Smart Buy

Mayline Company LLC – TXMAS-4-7110330 – TX Smart Buy

Nova Solutions – TXMAS-6-711020 – TX Smart Buy

High Point Furniture Industries – TXMAS-4-7110250 – TX Smart Buy